Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Is The Difference Between Radiography And Medical Imaging???

is it the same thing? actually kite pun confuse mule2. not long after that, kite pun buat a bit research about the differences between them. kite buat research ni pun sbab i chose to study radiography at unikl. haha.. rase weird skit sbab mule2 kite minat subject yg more to biology, tetibe ambik course radiography yg prlukn kepakaran dalam subject physics.

klau nk ambik course tu kt unikl, korang math mod ngan bm msti dpt A. english, physics n bio pulak msti smue credit. ok, smue ni kite dah ikut syarat die, but kite just worried kalau orang lain yang apply course tu kt unikl tu grade spm dorang lagi bgus. msti la kite kene tolak.. hukhuk.. :(

x kisah pun dpt masuk unikl ke x pun sbab dh dapat offer dari ipts lain. klau nk tau, kite dh decide nk study antara kt uitm, picoms ngan unikl je. 3 ni je yg kite brkenan. yg lain smue dh ditolak. hehehe.. klau kt uitm dpt course yg kite x suke, tinggal picoms ngan unikl je la pilihan ku.. kt unikl study radiography.. kt picoms pulak study medical assistant. hmmm.. yg mane satu pilihanku??? nanti2 kn la ye... i'll tell u later..

so, back to our main topic, i want to share this info~ medical imaging is a general category of which radiography is a distinct subset. the relationship is analogous to the difference between mathematics and algebra. radiography deals with imaging using radiological techniques: x-rays, NMR, MRI, CAT/PET scans. in contrast, ultrasound and endoscopy are medical imaging techniques that do not involve radiology.

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